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Bike bridge ads

September 29, 2010


Last week, I found myself in overlapping schedule to meet many of my Professional-contact lists.  Well, everything comes surround the topic of how I can get information for my internship. Things are going good until I notice more than half of them kept telling me about the pathway to archive life goal which eventually comes […]

10 đặc điểm của người Việt Nam

September 14, 2010


1. Cần cù lao động, song có tâm lý huởng thụ. 2. Thông minh, sáng tạo, song thường có tính cho^’ng do^’i. 3. Khéo léo, song không duy trì đến cùng, ít quan tâm đến sự hoàn hảo 4. Vừa thực tế vừa mơ mộng, song lại nhút nhát. 5. Ham học hỏi, có khả […]

You are a jerk, sweetheart

August 31, 2010


Today, a very late wake-up resulted in my lazy ass keeping distraction from reading books. I am writing about stories and issues in Africa-China international relation. It’s a final project before I graduate this Sep. Who really care about that anyway?! it’s politic and studies! But it is full of surprises. However, very rarely people can […]