The Terrific two

Posted on December 6, 2010


Today, I said to a man “there ought to be just two of us”. Yeah, so Carrie Bradshaw!

It just happens to spoken out when I am with him. Time gone by, mine gone wild, I found myself stand-by with love. My friends try and tell my find a man for my own. Failure tell you to restrains your menu. Next thing you know is you hang on the bold to order a disk. Excuse me but, for a man, the bottom line is the ball. I thank him for coming. He gives me the right bullet, socks it on my gun and takes my finger on the trigger. I gave me a shot and I got him 😉 Love gives you the right to be free. And thus, I believe down there in the guts there is brave. I am brave. I am brave to spoil all the trash in love that failure mumbles. I am brave to listen carefully to catch the whisper of loving. So come to your hero babe LOLz

You are right, shit happens. So does love.

lovely love, lovely be, lovely we.


Jiang Khuc,

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