Posted on December 4, 2010


what is the difference between 12 and 20 when it comes to beauty judgmental?

Seemingly I was so not a hot pie back to 12, but a quarter of the male in my class are. That was so phenomenal and mysterious to me because half of them don’t even try! back to that day, I was wondering for the whole of my teeny age how it is possible. Is that a beauty judge-mental of girl-mental (the girls are the judge)? Those hot pies in my class incredibly participate in most of the activities at school without anticipating any credit , even mocking the gate keeper. They are so energetic, confident and joyful of their era while I was studying them. Pathetically, my study fail to get any credit how they do it. Time gone by, and mine gone wild, I changed before I figure it out.

Once at the autumn, the most beautiful season i ever live in this city, a man comes and said to me that I am a treasure in town. The gate of charm and lust open wide to me. And,  I go the whole way down with-out anticipating anything. Yes, anything. That’s when I changed, into a hot mess. The heat comes up as the forecast said along recent years. And, the other day, there is a new thing in town: Ms Universe crash and Mr Facebook rash. Since when facebook  on the the menu of trustworthy reference? after wikipedia? yet i haven’t mentioned the audience. If at highschool your heat was measured by the sweet cheese’s scream, on facebook the measure transfer to button ‘like’ and ‘####’ for unlike. On my research of those activities, men who are hot never care, men who are heated care to death, men who make the heat (by pushing the button) are burn. Ranking drives us crazy!!!!  do you feel safe about yourself when you rank? you rank your mark in highschool, you rank your body in tween, you rank your salary in job. And now you rank gay for nothing. Ya, I am talking about a twist. It’s gay to rank a gay, isn’t it? I couldn’t help but worry that there is a day a gay is not gay anymore because all of them turn out straight-like!

Is that crucial for ranking to put it in front? or on the ranking defense itself, is that crucial for anti-ranking to put it backstage? Obviously, everything human do ranking. We definitely rank magazines to read! you pick Vogue or EBuzz or Economist to be in style? There is a myth about ranking that unspoken. Ranking is cousin of greed and brother-in-law with loss. You need exactly number to gain a sneak on the rank to let your pride safe or to fulfill what you dont have yet. We are survive by ranking thing and hopefully surpass other. However, whether ranking drives you to the end of the day with pride or safety, you are probably not proud and safe anymore. Dont you gonna rank your pride to know why I said so?

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