Bike bridge ads

Posted on September 29, 2010


Last week, I found myself in overlapping schedule to meet many of my Professional-contact lists.  Well, everything comes surround the topic of how I can get information for my internship. Things are going good until I notice more than half of them kept telling me about the pathway to archive life goal which eventually comes first with: a bike. I cannot tell but think that what is the point of showing the world your fancy bike. When I was still triggering my brain to figure out that issue, I noticed that my professional contact once complained about his apartment’s infrastructure and hesitated to rent a better one. It takes more 2 mils VND/month for a better place anyway. What is the point, again, to have a slum exchanging for a $6000 bike? Then, I have a thought whether he is good at PR; he still cannot convince me about what should be done to my life. It’s ideology.

Back to the other previous weekend when I met my high school fellows, at neighborhood ice-cream shop of my high school, I met my high school nightmare. He is my classmate. He sat next to me back then, and causes me annoyance. He was very cocky for…basically, nothing. He simply wants attention. Eventually, he is a Math-worm that was equally to a Star in high school back then. I thought he always sticks with the idea that I am jealous at him. That explains why he kept mouth-attacking me whenever or wherever we could be. That nightmare was perpetuated as long as we are high school fellows. I had a belief that one day he could understand and put a shame on his face himself. I would be glad to see that and say nothing, which exactly what I was doing back then.  That day, he attended at the meeting. I was surprised that he did not look at my face. However, he talked to other targeting me. He was talking about…his bike. He pictured how his bike looks like and how he got it. I was not interested in that topic for any second. Then, other fellows start to “communicate” with his story through their moral lessons of successful pathway of life. And the Bike has a playground to fool around my ears. I stopped thinking about that until the last week discovery. There is something with the Bike and pathway of life and them, people.

It is more than just an ideal path to archive life goal. It could be a very obvious one: Advertising. It encourages consuming culture and blows away silent magic moment to think and enjoy thinking about yourself. That leads me to another thought: what’s sort of freedom do we have to think? That’s strange! Back to the past, Homo sapiens struggled for freedom to think, talk, educate, then woman right, then gay right. They do not need any kind of authority to tell them. Lately, they did need a tell: what would you buy to use when there is no ads? How long would you experience to know that shampoo could stop dandruffs and this bike can save fuel? Advertising contributes to the daily life as a guideline to know where/what/when but can not answer the question who. That’s why they need concept and branding for the product name. And, eventually that creates a culture, which have driven people away from what they really really need. And, misconception era starts. Consequently, people begin to talk about their products and stuff other than what in their mind. How boring a life! And how fantastic advertising. Maybe, the power that every force needs to have to control the world is just a simple creative paper.

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